Noblesse Academy

About academy


“Via Valores”

Noblesse Academy is created to guide you on the path of a beautiful and meaningful lifestyle, through the discovery and development of your own values.

The path through values for a beautiful and meaningful lifestyle.


Noblesse Academy, offers courses, workshops and conferences for everybody that want to discover and develop them talents, passions and abilities, for a beautiful and meaningful lifestyle, covering different fields of activity: interior design, art, dance, theatre, music, beauty, nutrition, psychology, leadership, spirituality and more, in the unique setting of the Noblesse Palace.


• At Noblesse Academy, you will find mentors who have been carefully selected so that the values and principles that guide their lives to be shared with you. Even if they come from different fields, is sharing passion from their knowledge and experience to help each of us to discover the personality.

• The courses cover the different areas of life in order to offer a complete and specific experience to each participant.

• Access to the latest information and innovations in different areas of lifestyle.

• You become part of a community of special people, that share the same values and passions, having access to various Noblesse events, such as concerts, conferences, networking events and more.

• The spaces where the courses take place are located to the Noblesse Palace, a dream universe where we settle up the charm and noble elegance of the last century.

• Access to the Biblioteka space in the basement of the Noblesse Palace, created especially for courses and workshops in an intimate and inspiring atmosphere.