Interior carpentry

The interior carpentry was very important, and the effort to recover the original elements was very hard. Unfortunately, the original wooden staircase was stolen and probably transformed into firewood by those who over time have devastated this house. A completely new staircase was built on a metal structure, well anchored and covered with marble, but which kept the old one’s memory by the delicate arched shape.

The interior doors, were restored with many decorative and geometric elements. A specialized workshop on wood restoration was used for this purpose.

At the same time, costly restoration work was also carried out on the stone stairs from the entrance of the house. The staircase was taken apart piece by piece and sent to a stone restoration workshop.

All the elements inside and outside the building have been restored, giving them the original charm.

Find out more details and how the stuccoes were restored, the stoves found and restored with great care or the over 100-year-old red brick, Pompeii that gives a feeling of tranquility and hospitality to those who walk in the building.

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