Mircea Eliade

Mircea Eliade and Sfintilor Street

Mircea Eliade is one of the most representative figures of Romanian literature and why not, from the world. His work reached its international height through the famous “Treatise on the History of Religions”, but his work was not limited to the study of religions, also being noted as a fiction writer, philosopher and professor (at the University of Chicago). Author of over 30 scientific volumes, literary works and philosophical essays translated into 18 languages and about 1200 articles and reviews with an extremely varied and very well documented theme, Eliade is the father of a true literary current based on the comparative study of religions.

Since 1914, the family has lived in the Rosetti Square area, where they settled in a building located at the intersection between Sfinţilor Street and Radu Cristian Street. This place makes a notable mark on the character and style of the future writer. The proximity of the Church of the Saints and the way of life full of traditions and yet simple, specific to that period, will be the basis of the ideologies from which the most complex work of the author will later develop.


In 1925, Eliade concludes his debut work, autobiographical volume, the novel “Myopic Adolescent”. “The life is lived before, and I write what he lived”, notes somewhere the hero of the novel, a young high school student who aims to write a chronicle of a teenager as it has never been written before.


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