Noblesse Group launches Kangen water

Apa Kangen by Noblesse Group

Noblesse Group launches Kangen Center Romania; our mission- through the social, economic and environmental impact – the increase of the standard and the duration of life in Romania.


Noblesse Group meets the desire to develop and move forward. The new concept of the company, Adds Value For The Good Life, is a philosophy of life through which the Noblesse Group brand aims to make a major contribution to people’s lives through interior design, art, events, courses, but also services and products that support a healthy lifestyle.


This concept could not miss an important component such as the water we consume daily. Alkaline, micro-structured and antioxidant, Kangen water is essential for the health of the body and beyond. Also called the elixir of youth, by the Japanese, Kangen water is beneficial for beauty, but can also be used for cleaning and disinfection, improving taste and is also useful for pets. By using it we contribute to reducing pollution, we save resources and money and we benefit from autonomy through a high quality water source.


The location of the new center is: Noblesse Palace Events Center, Bucharest, 7 Sfintilor Street.


Noblesse Palace, a building full of history and eclectic architecture, brought back to life for special events, is the place where you can test Kangen water. We invite you to visit us virtually by accessing this link.


Change your lifestyle-Kangen water


Kangen Center Romania Noblesse is part of the Kangen Center Romania franchise, thus being an authorized distributor of the famous Japanese company. The Japanese company Enagic International has a history of over 45 years, being a leader in the manufacture of alkaline, antioxidant and micro-structured water ionizers, which bring together the latest scientific research in medicine and technology. It is also the only company in the world, in this field, accredited OEM “Manufacturing”.

About Noblesse Group

The headquarters of Noblesse Group is the Noblesse Palace, a true architectural and cultural jewel of Bucharest, dating from 1881, and built by the architect Alexandru Săvulescu. After a complex process of consolidation, restoration with great responsibility of the original elements, interior and exterior design, the building becomes, starting with 2015, what it is today: one of the most important centers of design and art, events and culture in Europe.


Noblesse Group’s interior design projects have received numerous awards over the years, such as the Boutique Award, in “The Most Office” for the Noblesse Group office project. In 2019, Noblesse Group was named “Best Interior Design Studio in Romania” within the Architecture Awards, a competition organized by Build Magazine, and for the exceptional results obtained last year in innovation through interior design, Noblesse Group received the Award for excellence in innovation in interior design ”, within the Designer Awards, organized by the LUX life MAGAZINE publication from Great Britain.

Adds Value For The Good Life” is the motto that defines the activities of all brands within the group.


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