Original Masonry


Original Masonry

In the case of the restoration of the bricks the works on the foundation and masonry elements should be remembered. The recovery of the original brick structure was not easy due to the deterioration caused by earthquakes and increased humidity on one hand and the filling of some basement rooms with earth on the other.

During the consolidation site and of the restoration intervention on the interior masonry and foundations, new rooms were discovered in the basement, which was not known before was opened. It is not known the reason for this filling, most likely happened after the years 1945-1950, as it happened in other historical buildings in the Old Center, especially. An answer could be related to the groundwater, sometimes fluctuating, “because in the past, the waters of Bucharest on its way to Dâmbovița was crossed in this area.

The members of the Noblesse Group team who were actively involved in the renovation process, have used the original masonry. The color of bright red, Pompeian of the centuries-old brick, gives a feeling of tranquility and hospitality to the Noblesse Palace, the residence became the exclusive center for corporate, private and arts events.


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