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Noblesse Palace

Noblesse Palace Halls – are exactly what you need for private events!

From its opening until now, the Noblesse Palace has hosted numerous private events, which have always highlighted a strong motivation for a lifestyle at higher standards, and this ranks us among the best for organizing events. corporate and private in Bucharest.

Noblesse Palace, a historic monument building from 1881, is the perfect luxury location to have sophisticated weddings or baptisms, anniversaries, photo and/or video meetings, or other private parties. Impressive in its architecture and design, the palace is a piece of art and romance. Its versatile interiors allow you to create decor that suits even the most demanding tastes, the theme of the wedding or baptism can be adapted as you dreamed. Outside the grand palace, there is an enchanting garden, full of light and color, which pleasantly illuminates us every summer evening. And if the guests are not yet surprised by the beauty of the palace, then surely the painting on the ceiling of the Baroque Hall will leave them speechless.

To make it easier to write the scenario for your dream private event and to preview the palace, we invite you to access the Discover the Palace menu.

Noblesse Palace provides spaces that ensure full and easy functionality for any type of private event (weddings, baptisms, anniversaries, photo and / or video sessions), arranged as follows:


6 reception rooms on the ground floor (Gallery, Luxury, Baroque, Florence, Regent, Opera Kitchen)

7 magical rooms upstairs (Princess, Knight, Marquise, Duchess, Princess, Romantic Room, Frech Style Foyer)

a generous yard of about 1000 m2, with a parking places, beautifully landscaped with greenery and green spaces, summer garden in the back and reminiscent of the old days, when it was occupied by carriages and amazing tracks.

Maximum capacity 120 people (table seating) and 300 people (cocktail type).

Why choose the Noblesse Palace for a corporate event?

• Central premium location (located in the center of Bucharest, just 5 minutes from Universitate metro station).

• Building, historical monument, completely restored and consolidated to the highest standards, unique in South-Eastern Europe, a true center of events, art and design, recognized by various organizations nationally and internationally.

• 19-th century historical monument, the first eclectic style building in the center of Bucharest, built by the famous architect Alexandru Savulescu

• Unique and complex experience. Discover 135 years of history, 3 relevant periods in the history of Romania, from the aristocratic beauty owned by the banker Bergowitz, to the functioning as a Palace of Pioneers Sector 2, to the modern period, from the acquisition by Noblesse Group International

• Exclusive tour of Noblesse Palace with the opportunity to visit arts exhibitions but also the latest international interior design collections of Noblesse Group International

The assets offered by Noblesse Palace, for the success of a private event:

Experience of successful events organized for the most important companies in all fields

Historic monument building completely restored and consolidated to the highest standards, unique in South-Eastern Europe.

Very close to Sfintilor Church dating from the seventeenth century, unique like architecture.

Apartment for moments of rest and comfort of the bride and/or their parents.

Piano from 1800 restored, fully functional.

Unique and customized design for the event, on request.

Catering (personalized menus prepared by renowned chefs).

Event Manager dedicated to the event.

Concept and event planning.

High-performance multimedia systems.




A dream wedding at the Palace

The wedding at the Palace is and will remain the dream of all women. We don’t think there is a woman who never imagined that on the day of the big event she would become a princess.

Noblesse Palace, in the center of Bucharest, fulfills this desire, makes it unique, and raises it to the standard dreamed of by the princess.


Photo and/or video sessions at the Palace

For photo and/or video (wedding, baptism, anniversaries, private parties), Noblesse Palace offers that spectacular background, perfectly versatile, with a unique universe, of a long time ago, but perfectly transposed in the present, being the space of different inspiration. by classical studios.

Indeed, here you will have the most successful and unique photo sessions that everyone will admired.

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Private parties at the Palace

There are moments in our lives that we want memorable, and private parties are part of this category.

Whether it’s an anniversary, a private party with best friends, a meeting with colleagues, or an intimate dinner, Noblesse Palace offers those spectacular settings for organizing private parties at the Palace, on the highest standards.

We warmly invite you to the fairytale world of the Noblesse Palace, located on Sfintilor Street, no. 7, in the heart of Bucharest, where you will discover the bohemian atmosphere of the late XIX century, the uniqueness of this magical place all combined in perfect harmony, will create those private events that you will always remember with pleasure.


Baptism at the Palace

Baptism at the Palace is without any doubt, one of those private events full of pure emotion, of love, of that new beginning of the road on which the fragile little child is starting his journey. To celebrate the baptism, the Noblesse Palace turns into that fairytale place with princes and princesses, where the universe creates the perfect settings for this event.

We know how important it is to have all the facilities, especially when it comes to weddings or baptisms. One of the advantages of the Noblesse Palace is that for the planned private event you can choose the church that is opposite the location where the party will be held. The Sfintilor Church located in Bucharest is next to the Noblesse Palace. The little church is famous for the sibyls on its walls that have been so well preserved over time. Welcoming and warm, she witnessed many beautiful stories among young people in love.

Also, for moments of rest and the comfort of the bride and child or the parents, you have at your disposal an apartment upstairs – Princess Room, fully functional and equipped to the highest standards, so that the evening spent at the Palace is truly memorable.