The elegance of the Wrought iron


The elegance of the Wrought iron

A true element of nobility is the wrought iron and the art pieces, which were made from this material. Berkowitz residence has a fence and a gate of great artistic expressiveness. He makes common body with the Marquise above the main entrance and with the balustrade of the balconies.

The facades of the Noblesse Palace are those retouched in 1903 by Leon Berkowitz, being closer to the sober German or Austrian style, but many decorative elements of the old eclectic decoration project, preferred by the architect of the house, Alexandru Savulescu, have been preserved.

The building is surrounded by a space designed for recreation, on the one hand and to enhance the whole ensemble, on the other. Of course, the structure of the original alleys, which surrounded the building, as well as the half-arched arch in front of it, with space for entry and exit of the later cars or cars, were kept because they would not return. They were entering the street direction, stopping near the Marquis to take the owner and exiting the second entrance from the street.

At least the first project, the one from 1881, shows us the presence of landscaping furniture in front, but also behind the house, precisely to enhance the vegetation planted.

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