Palatul Noblesse

The story of the Palace


Noblesse Palace: The story of a Bohemian residence in the center of the Bucharest, which has become an architectural and cultural palace

“Once upon a time, it would never be told,” a residence, built at the end of the 19th century, on Sfinților street (the name of the time “Sfinților Slum”), in the center of Bucharest. The beautiful residence is one of the first buildings in the eclectic style of that area and which had an interesting history, passing through the hands of several owners (from the family of the banker Leon Berkovitz, is confiscated by the Romanian Communist Party, later after the 1989 Revolution, owned by banks)

In 2012, the residence is owned by Noblesse Group, owner of several luxury brands, active in the field of interior design and cultural industries.

Since 2014, after a complex process of consolidation, restoration of the original elements, interior and exterior layout, the building becomes what is today the Noblesse Palace – one of the most important centers of culture, art and design, with a unique concept in Europe.

With 6 reception rooms on the ground floor, 7 magical rooms on the first floor, a basement ground floor, which serves as the headquarters for the Noblesse Group office. A space dedicated to courses, conferences, workshops and trainings, called the Biblioteka Hub and with a generous courtyard, the Noblesse Palace is the ideal place to organize a corporate event, private events, photo shooting. enjoy a special moment with friends and family. It is located just 5 minutes from the University subway station, near Rosetti Square, right in the center of Bucharest.

Noblesse Palace – “Nostalgia is inspired from the past without forgetting the present”

From the opening until now, the Noblesse Palace has hosted many special events.

The luxury and refinement are the defining ones and are found in all the components of the palace. Even the inner courtyard, with more than enough parking, regardless of the size of the event, recalls the old days, when it was occupied by carriages and carriages.


Those who are passionate about culture and nineteenth-century traditions can find themselves in an environment that will seem to be really drawn from that period. Business people, personalities of the moment and people who appreciate good taste, culture, luxury, and comfort find the perfect setting for organizing various meetings at the Noblesse Palace.

The particularity and the specificity of the present combine perfectly with the bohemian style, both loose and charming, characteristic of the 19th century.

About Noblesse Palace – Loredana Preda, CEO of Noblesse Group

“But this palace dedicated to art in general and interior design in particular, is not like others. It is the result of some many years of research in which I personally defined myself and trained as a human and then as a designer in this profession, who chose me before I discovered it. And I was surrounded by well-trained people. We all share the excitement of doing beautiful things when people come to us to set up a dream house.
And how much joy we feel when someone breaks our threshold, because we walk like a story, from one room to another and tell them mysterious truths about styles of arrangements, about art and the story of the birth of a piece of furniture, where it still beats blowing the wood from which it is made. We tell to everybody that is asking us the wonderful story of this house. We have revived it to life. But as a beautiful girl, ready to get married, I brought her new jewelry, nowadays, because with great care and great documentation, I added new stucco and marble floors and new windows to see what this homemade beauty looks like! And many more have been made, for many were the ones who worked diligently on all the hard work, but also on the most delicate until, all, historical building is what it is today: Noblesse Palace. ”


Loredana Preda, CEO Noblesse Group International

Citat din cartea „Istoria Palatului Noblesse”, lucrare coordonată de Adrian Majuru și Loredana Preda