The stoves of the Palace


The stoves of the Palace

In the Florence and the Baroque Hall from the Noblesse Palace, two stoves of an unusual beauty were discovered and restored.

The two stoves are from 1881 and have been preserved in a good conditions.
Stoves, one white with green and the other green with grape patterns, decorate the rooms and give them a special charm. Their role, that of heating the rooms with fuel, was replaced. Today they are purely decorative, they are not functional anymore. But even under these conditions, they were opened piece by piece, washed and restored, arranged right in the courtyard of the Noblesse Palace.
A group of skilled craftsmen, with experience in the restoration of very old stoves, managed to restore their original charm and give them a new life. Each element of these stoves has been carefully cleaned and put back in it`s place. Because the wrought iron doors were no longer found, some new ones were fitted, but in the same style as the stove model to create a more original look.

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